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Ventilating Window Fittings

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  • Invisible Rod
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    Invisible Rod

    Name: invisible pull rod Processing custom: Yes Model: various models Type: various types Material: Aluminum Color: white, brown, red Auxiliary parts: None Applicable curtain type: all applicable Specification: can be customized
  • Ordinary Bolt
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    Ordinary Bolt

    Ordinary bolt is a prevents the opening of the door of simple parts is generally metal, is divided into two parts, the part with the rod, the part is a "eye". Usually with a portion of the shaft is fixed on the door, a fixed on the door frame, and the position corresponding to. Than...
  • Spring Bolt
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    Spring Bolt

    The working principle of the spring bolt: bolt rod with a spring, through the action of the spring force, so that the automatic back locking pin head to solve the original linear type movable bolt of Kai closing difficult, not self-locking problems. Model:HY-SP-010 Size:14×6×3mm Unit Price:0.12...
  • Tension Nail
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    Tension Nail

    Model:HY-TS-023 Name:Tensioning straps Size:4/4.5×70×8mm Unit Price:0.08
  • Invisible Rod Nail
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    Invisible Rod Nail

    Model:HY-TB-022 Name:Trolley bags Size:21.5×4×1.9mm Unit Price:0.03
  • Kong Sai
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    Kong Sai

    Rizhao Haiya Hardware Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various types of plugs, metal products manufacturers, the types of main HY-PH-012, HY-P-016,: HY-SHP-021, HY-SHP-023, HY-P-032, HY-P-018, HY-P-015, HY-P-014, HY-SHP-020, HY-P-017, HY-RHP-024, HY-SHP-022. Welcome to...
  • Kong Tao
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    Kong Tao

    Model:HY-HS-026 Name:Hole sets Size:8.5×6×4mm Unit Price:0.03
  • Door Stopper
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    Door Stopper

    Model:HY-DS-009 Name:Door Stopper Size:44×15×15mm Unit Price:1.2
  • Circular Magnet
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    Circular Magnet

    Model:HY-M-012 Name:Magnet Size:15×4mm Unit Price:1.6 Model:HY-M-013 Name:Magnet Size:12.5×6mm Unit Price:1.6
  • Hinge
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    Model:HY-H-007 Name:Hinge Size:35×64×1.6mm Unit price:2.0
  • Hinge Gasket
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    Hinge Gasket

    Model:HY-BHS-030 Name:Big hinge sracer Size:2.375inch Unit price:0.05
  • Pulley Block Fittings For Sliding Window
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    Pulley Block Fittings For Sliding Window

    Features of pulley assembly for sliding window: 1, using nylon outsourcing process design; 2, higher bearing capacity (maximum load 40KG); 3, easy to install and convenient; 4, high wear resistance; 5, high corrosion resistance; 6, a wide range of application; 7, the work process is very light...
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