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Ventilating Window Fittings

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As a China professional manufacturers and factory of various Ventilating Window Fittings,our company is able to provide the ventilating window fittings at wholesale price which is quite cheap.The fittings consists of many small components in order to work together with the ventilating windows,making the window fix on the wall tightly.Small size and light weight,it is portable and practical,promoting the stable performance of the ventilating windows.
  • Invisible Rod
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    Invisible Rod

    Name: invisible pull rod Processing custom: Yes Model: various models Type: various types Material: Aluminum Color: white, brown, red Auxiliary parts: None Applicable curtain type: all applicable Specification: can be customized
  • Ordinary Bolt
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    Ordinary Bolt

    Ordinary bolt is a prevents the opening of the door of simple parts is generally metal, is divided into two parts, the part with the rod, the part is a "eye". Usually with a portion of the shaft is fixed on the door, a fixed on the door frame, and the position corresponding to. Than...
  • Spring Bolt
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    Spring Bolt

    The working principle of the spring bolt: bolt rod with a spring, through the action of the spring force, so that the automatic back locking pin head to solve the original linear type movable bolt of Kai closing difficult, not self-locking problems. Model:HY-SP-010 Size:14×6×3mm Unit Price:0.12...
  • Tension Nail
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    Tension Nail

    Model:HY-TS-023 Name:Tensioning straps Size:4/4.5×70×8mm Unit Price:0.08
  • Invisible Rod Nail
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    Invisible Rod Nail

    Model:HY-TB-022 Name:Trolley bags Size:21.5×4×1.9mm Unit Price:0.03
  • Kong Sai
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    Kong Sai

    Rizhao Haiya Hardware Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various types of plugs, metal products manufacturers, the types of main HY-PH-012, HY-P-016,: HY-SHP-021, HY-SHP-023, HY-P-032, HY-P-018, HY-P-015, HY-P-014, HY-SHP-020, HY-P-017, HY-RHP-024, HY-SHP-022. Welcome to...
  • Kong Tao
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    Kong Tao

    Model:HY-HS-026 Name:Hole sets Size:8.5×6×4mm Unit Price:0.03
  • Door Stopper
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    Door Stopper

    Model:HY-DS-009 Name:Door Stopper Size:44×15×15mm Unit Price:1.2
  • Circular Magnet
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    Circular Magnet

    Model:HY-M-012 Name:Magnet Size:15×4mm Unit Price:1.6 Model:HY-M-013 Name:Magnet Size:12.5×6mm Unit Price:1.6
  • Hinge
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    Model:HY-H-007 Name:Hinge Size:35×64×1.6mm Unit price:2.0
  • Hinge Gasket
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    Hinge Gasket

    Model:HY-BHS-030 Name:Big hinge sracer Size:2.375inch Unit price:0.05
  • Pulley Block Fittings For Sliding Window
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    Pulley Block Fittings For Sliding Window

    Features of pulley assembly for sliding window: 1, using nylon outsourcing process design; 2, higher bearing capacity (maximum load 40KG); 3, easy to install and convenient; 4, high wear resistance; 5, high corrosion resistance; 6, a wide range of application; 7, the work process is very light...
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