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Solar Accessories

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As a China professional manufacturers and factory of various Solar Accessories,our company is able to provide the solar accessories at wholesale price that you can buy with cheap numbers.
  • 58 Silica Gel Dust Ring
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    58 Silica Gel Dust Ring

    Performance: 1 with excellent sealing performance, waterproof leakage. 2 can be placed under high temperature heating, deformation, do not produce harmful substances 3 good tensile strength, after special inspection and test 4 long-term use of the same yellow does not fade. 5 corona resistance,...
  • Solar Sealing Ring
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    Solar Sealing Ring

    Solar sealing ring is divided into two kinds. The use of a vacuum tube, the sealing ring is to prevent dust and foreign matter into the tank. Corrosion inside the silica gel ring, silicone ring accelerated aging. Leakage situation. In addition to play the role of beauty. The second is in the...

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