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Furniture Accessories

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As a China professional manufacturers and factory of various Furniture Accessories,our company is able to provide the furniture accessories at wholesale price which is still cheap.The products can be divided into many kind, which is able to ensure the stable and excellent performance of the furniture.It is small,portable that it is easy to carry and transport.And it is lightweight,however,it is practical which plays an important role in the installation of the furniture.
  • Sealing Strip
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    Sealing Strip

    The sealing strip is will a seal, which is not easy to open, shock absorption, waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, dust-proof, fixed effects of products, sealing strip, rubber, paper, metal, plastic, a variety of materials. Sealing strip is a new material developed on the basis of the...
  • Adjusting Adhesive Pad
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    Adjusting Adhesive Pad

    Adjust the rubber pad is widely used in machinery, plastic and metal, health care equipment and toys and other industries, products are mainly played the role of shock, non slip, insulation, sealing, fixed and landscaping. With heat resistance, oil resistance, cold, acid, wear-resistant, Zhang...
  • Square Nail
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    Square Nail

    Square nail fixation. Our company is a metal products and plastic products manufacturer, perennial, directly or indirectly, export to the United States, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Italy and other countries, my company's products in terms of quality, price and delivery have certain...
  • Toilet Lid Hinge
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    Toilet Lid Hinge

    Toilet lid hinge has a slow drop function, more resistant to oxidation than zinc alloy material, higher strength, better quality, higher grade. Companies in the service intentions, quality first, delivery on time, the price of a reasonable idea. Hope that our cooperation will bring you the...
  • Self Modifying Wire
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    Self Modifying Wire

    Stainless steel screws have many kinds, stainless steel pan head screws, stainless steel countersunk head screws, stainless steel hex head screws, stainless steel inner hexagon socket head self screws, stainless steel round with pad self screws and so on.
  • Hardware Products
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    Hardware Products

    Metal products daily life and industrial production in the use of auxiliary, accessories manufactured goods. The early use of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and other metal materials production, and hence the name. In addition to the use of a variety of metal materials, but also widely used...

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